Music by Sergei Prokofiev - Choreography by Anatoly Emilianov

Cinderella is a beautiful fairytale about love, fortunate fate and the triumph of good. This Perreault fairytale has been performed in the theatre under various names: “The Crystal Slipper”, “The Magic Slipper”, “The Squirrel Fur Slipper”, “Cendrillion”, and finally, “Cinderella”. In fact, it was already being staged as a ballet in the 18th century.


Over the years, the poetic charm of the Cinderella tale has captivated the imagination of directors and composers. Tonight’s music was written by Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev immediately after World War II, as enchanting, tender and fragile as Cinderella herself, to which choreographer Rostislav Zakharov created his ballet