About the Royal Moscow Ballet

Anatoly Emelianov

General Director and Choreographer of the “Crown of Russian Ballet Theatre”

Knight of Second Range Diaghilev Order For contribution to Russian Culture Anatoly graduated from Perm State Choreography College and holds an additional degree from the Faculty of Choreography of the Russian Academy of Theatre Art.

His career began at the Nizhny Novgorod Opera & Ballet House followed by time at the Moscow Childrens Music Theatre by Natalia Sats, The Festival Theatre by S. Radchenko and the Moscow City Ballet by Smirnov-Golovanov. Presently he is the general director and Choreographer at the Royal Moscow Ballet.

His repertoire includes leads in Cinderella, The Nutcracker, Don Quixote, The Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake, Spartak, Petit Prince, Scarlet Sails, Juno & Avos, Daylight Leaves the Earth, Blue Bird, Gypsy Motives, Esenin & Aysedora, Carmen, Prodical Son, Tristan & Isolde, Kursk Songs and The Time.


Anastasya Emelianova

Artistic Manager

A Graduate of the Moscow School of Classical Dance of Trishina & Madvedev.

Laureate of several international competitions. Diplomat of the Moscow Pushkin Festival of Arts.

Prior to joining The Royal Moscow Ballet, Anastasia was a soloist in The Moscow City Ballet (Artistic Director V. Smirnov-Golovanov. and the Imperial Ballet (Artistic Director G. Taranda).

Her repertoire includes leading roles in The Nutcracker, Cinderella, Carmen, The Sleeping Beauty, Tristan & Isolde, Vasilisa, Romeo & Juliet, Time, Don Quixote, Headwinds and others



The premiere performance of the Moscow Ballet "The Crown of Russian Ballet" took place on 12 August 2002. Founded by Anatoly Emelianov. Their first ballet on the day of the premiere of the theatre was the ballet "Cross Winds" and it has been seen by all the Moscow intelligentsia, among whom were such outstanding figures of Russian culture, as Mikhail Lavrosky (famous USSR and Russian choreographer and ballet master), Andrey Voznesensky (famous Russian poet, novelist, painter, architect), Iosif Rayhelgauz (artistic director of Theatre "School of Modern Drama"), Eleonora Vlasova (famous ex-prima ballerina of Moscow Music Theatre, Olga Lepeshinskaya (famous Soviet Union ballerina, teacher). All the central Moscow newspapers started to write about this new ballet company after this first historic presentation,

In 2012, the theater "The Crown of Russian Ballet" celebrated its 10th Anniversary! During this period, the company created more than 20 modern and 15 classical ballets. The ballets were created by choreographer Anatoly Emelianov, whose name is already mentioned on the courses of ballet history in the higher level education universities of Russia.

For the first time in history a Russian Ballet toured East Africa , the Royal Moscow Ballet visited countries such as Tanzania, Zambia and Kenya. The Dancers performed on specially built stages near Victoria Falls. To the sound of classical music and the flowing Zambezi's water the theater presented the classic ballet "Don Quixote". For the first time in the history of Zambia , the company received a long standing ovation from the audience which included the president of the country and the ambassador to Russia. After the performance the dancers leapt into Victoria Falls , to cool off!!

Each year, the company give at least 50 performances from its classical and contemporary repertoire on the best stages in Europe visiting countries such as Italy, France, Switzerland, Poland, Spain, Germany, Austria and now Ireland !! The theater has also represented its art in Israel, the Canary Islands, China, Korea, Japan; Sri Lanka, where they received a Diploma from the President of Sri Lanka; Malta, where their president attended the performance.

Once, Olga Lepeshinskaya, the Great Russian ballerina (aged 90 years old), came specifically to see the new contemporary ballet "Juno and Avos", and when she wrote the review, she said that today's younger generation of Ballerina's really need to attend a performance by the Royal Moscow ballet to experience such performances, and such energy!

It is difficult to calculate the number of people, who visited performances by the Moscow Ballet. But since its foundation , the company have given 983 performances!!!

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